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Chesapeake Valuation Advisors is an area leader in business valuation and litigation support services with extensive experience and credentials in valuing privately owned businesses for some of the largest law firms and accounting firms, and healthcare institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our Services

Business Litigation

We provide support services for attorneys and their clients. Typical services include business evaluation, fraud and forensic analysis, economic damages and income analysis.

Healthcare Business Valuation

We provide valuation of healthcare entities that are typical acquisition targets for some of the major healthcare institutions of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Estate, Trust and Gift

We prepare business valuations in accordance with IRS regulations and in compliance with applicable valuation standards.


Chesapeake Valuation Advisors is a valuation firm operating in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Norris has an extensive and diverse background in finance, accounting, litigation services, capital transactions and valuation theory in order to provide the best services for our clients in different industries.

Mr. Mark W. Norris has over 35 years of accounting and consulting experience and over 20 years of valuation experience. He is qualified to serve in the litigation area as a consultant and/or expert in both federal and state courts in Maryland.


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SBA Valuation Partner Experts

Chesapeake Valuation Advisors has the ability to provide support for SBA Loans. 

Need assistance with a valuation?

We help law firms, business owners and fellow CPA's determine business value in an efficient and effective manner.